Redesign site purcarine.wine, landing page creation for a new range of wines, photo session and concept



A digital transformation that enhances the brand experience – PURCARI 

APPROACHBy creating a new design system, content strategy and technological framework, we have completely transformed the digital brand. We have introduced new utilities and experiences to the site to improve the customer journey, to give customers a reason to engage with the brand more frequently and at a deeper level.

From information about the company to recommendations and association recipes, the new site
brings the Purcari story to life through a rich and differentiated narrative. The result is a brand
new digital home that takes you on a captivating journey to its iconic wineries.

From the outside, there is a stigma associated with wine culture. Expensive bottles, distant
destinations and elegant attire add an unattainable perception of a culture full of exclusivity.

This air of exclusivity creates a wide variety of emotional responses and a deep desire to
participate in things that are perceived as privileged. This was the cultural tension we set out to
resolve. The brand is exclusive but accessible and we have defined a new digital strategy that
allows our experience to connect and reconnect with new and loyal customers.


The Purcari Group is one of the main producers of wine and brandy in Central and Eastern Europe, managing approximately 1,000 hectares of vineyards and 4 wineries in Romania and the Republic of Moldova: Purcari, Crama Ceptura, Bostavan and Bardar.

The group has a portfolio composed of several brands of wine and sparkling wine, from all price categories, as well as a brand of divine premium.

Purcari Group is the largest exporter of wine from Moldova, with deliveries to over 30 markets in Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Norway, UK, etc.), Asia (China, Japan, South Korea) and America (USA and Canada).


This partnership started quite by chance, when Purple was invited to participate in a contest.

The Purcari Wineries Group initiated the process of redesigning the existing sites and creating new sites for its core brands (9 sites in total). In the first stage, it was necessary to identify the agency for this project, the agency that knows how to make sites with modern design, which will remain current for over 5 years, with each element planned from the start.

Considering the massive volume of work, the company was looking for an agency that will make the best offer, focused primarily on design and quality of execution. That conducted to a test run – the redesign of the Purcari brand site. In addition to sending the offer and presenting the company, the task was to create the design of 5-7 pages / subpages of the Chateau Purcari site.


Redesign of purcari.wine site


To connect with people who are new to wine, as well as with enthusiasts, we have led a strategic initiative to better define customer profiles and understand their unique relationships with wine. Through our findings, we have identified opportunities that could greatly improve the overall customer experience and facilitate progress from a newcomer to a loyalist.


The project required a completely new design system, functional in modularity and utility, but increased in creativity and craftsmanship. One element that inspired our approach was Chateau Purcari. Chateau Purcari has been rebuilt with a contemporary feel in a modernized and sustainable facility.

We leaned into this duality with subtle clues in the design system. Serif and Sans Serif fonts are intentionally associated, in contrast, to give emphasis as well as to contribute to the brand feeling. The whole system capitalizes on this concept of juxtaposition, from the way our aspects balance density and open space, to the strong differences in images with tight cultures, as well as wide panoramic angles.





With a business strategy focused on transforming direct efforts to the brands consumers, we set out to establish a digital channel to help it generate more revenue through eCommerce, as well as tastings and event bookings on the platform.

Redefining the shopping experience with hassle-free shopping.

Throughout the site, we mix content and commerce to help customers explore the brand and its product offerings. In order to capitalize on the impulse moments, we implemented new shopping utilities and usage considerations to make the purchase smooth.



Brand Storytelling

When you visited the wineries, one thing became clearer and clearer: there is a lot to show and say about the approach to the winery, the culture and the brand at every stage of the process. The story is simply too convincing to be told with a standard about the page. We wanted to build a framework that highlights every detail.

Because Chateau Purcari also has a hotel, we came up with the idea that after 18:00 the site will turn into dark mode according to the latest trends.

NOCTURNE – the latest wine collection



The new site is faster, offers operational efficiency and is brought to life through functional and modular React components.

Great attention is paid to detail and a totally different vision of creating landings in the Republic of Moldova.

There is a dynamic menu on the whole monitor, comfortable and functional that keeps the style of the wine collection.