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Brand Strategy – brand analysis / brand architecture / competitors analysis / creation of psychological profiles of customers / creation of long term communication strategy / creation of website / blog / advertising campaigns on conversions and recognition / visual creation on Facebook, Instagram platforms.

Brand definition – brand development / brand optimization / copywriting / storytelling / branding / creating brochures / creating promotions and certificates /

Brand experience – newsletters / stickers / design / web design / monthly photo / video sessions.


exceeds expectations

For several years now, Samurai has been the main choice of sushi lovers.


The mission formulated to transform food into art, has become the starting point for the successful operation of the brand, based on an amazing palette of tastes inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun.



Strategy, as a starting point for the brand

Based on the existing logo, it was decided to choose a clear vector between the brand identity and the perception of the consumers capacity.

By maintaining the SAMURAI identity, we offered wider brand awareness and a more attractive image.

Reducing the distance between purpose and brand identity was crucial for the
development of a communication strategy and corporate identity.

The visual was inspired by Japanese culture.

Because Samurai has already established itself in the niche of high quality gastronomy, we wanted to emphasize the personality of the brand through a photo shoot, thus bringing services closer to customers.

All photos are full of life and color.


As picnics are very common in private parks in Chisinau, we created an idea to spend a beautiful
weekend in nature.

As picnics are very common in private parks in Chisinau, we created an idea to spend a beautiful
weekend in nature. #picnic2019

AThis photo session suited perfectly in the warm season and was associated with greenery, freshness, relaxation and meditation./p>

Likewise, quarterly we organized photo sessions on various topics, from storytelling and craft story, to product pictures.

Merging with the brand concept

The concept developed combines several forms. We have adapted this style to convey a variety of products. The simplification of the curves used has been implemented in order to make the advertising requirements accessible.

The visual identity was brought together by a set of elements that give a clear definition of the
company. The selected colors are taken directly from the initial idea, namely: red, black, white.

With such design variations, it is possible to use a wide variety of photos, because the
overall impression will satisfy any aesthetic.

Bebas neue
Font principal
Bebas neue
Font secundar

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de la concept la vânzare online.

Inspirați de cultura Samurai, am creat un concept creativ bine ajustat și pentru vânzarea online. Pe baza combinației de confort și estetică, a fost dezvoltată o gamă largă de instrumente digitale – de la proiectarea atentă la dezvoltarea delicată a site-ului web.

Now, numbers

The site took out its investment in the first month!

In the first month after launch, the traffic was not the best. At the same time, we must keep in mind that the brands customers do not know about the existence of the new site. We also created a page to detect errors or mistakes, even to improve the user experience. In total we received about 8 messages, all ideas were considered and in the end, all errors were removed.

As for the numbers, we had 8200 users. In general, there is a lot for a site in the Republic of
Moldova, but not for this niche. Out of the total number of users, 3555 have tried to order and only 493. have successfully completed it.

In total there were 156 thousand lei sales, an extraordinary result considering that there are
about 30 competitors already with existing sites.

In addition to this goal, about 700 users accessed the phone number on the site.

It is noteworthy that users who tried to buy and failed, i.e. out of the 3555 users who added to the cart bought only 13-14%, which is a very important resource. In the next month, audiences were created specifically for this category of users and Purple draws attention that the most important users on the site are those who spend more than 2 minutes on the site and in this case – those who add to cart.

To know this data, you need to install the metrics (Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel) and configure Google Tag Manager.

We also noticed that in 2019, 80% of website traffic comes from the phone. Now first of all we need to pay attention to the mobile version.

P.S. At the moment, we have stopped collaborating with the brand given on our own initiative. We wish them success in digital culture and we at Purple believe that we have laid a good foundation in this regard.