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YARBA – The first herbalist and parapharmacy in the Republic of Moldova

BRAND STRATEGY brand analysis / brand architecture / competitors analysis / creating customers psychological profiles / creating long term communication strategy / creating website / blog / advertising campaigns on conversions and brand awareness / creating visuals on Facebook, Google Search, Instagram platforms.

BRAND DEFINITION copywriting / storytelling / brand images.

BRAND EXPERIENCE – design / web design / monthly photo sessions. 


The first herbalist and parapharmacy in the Republic of Moldova, YARBA is the relevant choice for people who want a healthy lifestyle and in balance with nature.

For Yarba, a healthy lifestyle is not a business, but a mission. With a wide range of over 2000 natural products, Yarba aims to be a source of information and education for customers, a model for a balanced lifestyle. 


The idea behind the new brand, established in 2020, was the health of customers. The concept behind the brand is genuinely derived, as grass, i.e. plants, are a primary source for natural healing treatments, used since ancient times.


In choosing the brand name, we went for a symbolic word “iarba” (grass), but at the same time simple, for everyone to understand. Through the “Y” we set out to give a dose of freshness to a secular term, with tradition and origins behind it.


Flexible visual identity



We aimed to bring our previous experience in creating an integrated and versatile identity. The logo as well as the visual identity of the brand amplifies the exposed concept. The privilege is held by the color green, in different shades, because it reveals as faithfully as possible the principle of naturalness.

Flexible visual identity


On social networks, the design of images combines various elements of nature, which fold over time and the colors of the season. And in terms of the Instagram feed, we went for a continuous design, consisting of images associated with each other, forming a whole. 

In its simplistic form, the visual identity is complex, consisting of several layers waiting to be explored.


Minimalist web design



We were responsible for the entire website creation process. From functional analysis to design development, each phase of the process aimed at user-friendly optimization.

The design of the site is obviously consistent, emphasizing a user experience as easy as possible. We opted for a range of quiet colors (green, beige, gray), interface and explicit filters, with minimalist trends, so that the navigation on the site is as clear and fluid as possible. 

The design has been adapted according to the user’s needs, he being able to place an order directly from the landing page.



Effective online marketing

The pandemic context determined us to make bold decisions and start promoting the new brand on Social Media in the midst of a pandemic. In the first month, awareness campaigns of the brand and its familiarization with the public were set, and after that a more defined position was taken in the promulgation of commercial messages.

The results come quickly – since the first month of launch, Yarba campaigns recorded 120 thousand impressions, 3886 interactions with the Facebook and Instagram page and 205 comments. And within 5 months of its existence on the digital market, online promotion has generated over 2 million impressions, 113 thousand interactions with social media pages and over 4000 shares, messages and comments.

As for the website, it was launched a month ago, had 6,600 users, and 120 of them placed an order.

Double sales every month

Thanks to a strong concept, a coherent strategy and persistent promotion, brand awareness and sales continued to grow exponentially, twice as much each month. Thus, our partners have undoubtedly returned their financial investment.

The story of the Yarba brand does not end here. We join forces for intensive, long-term cooperation, where innovative approaches and creative challenges are the order of the day.