Beyond the brand, there lies the story.
Beyond promotion, there is the strategy.
Beyond online, there are millions of eyes waiting to be impressed.

Welcome to Purple!

Digital Marketing Agency, where brands get color, character and voice. And when we speak, everyone is silent.

What are we doing?


  • – UI/UX
  • – E-commerce and website creation
  • – Digital products and services
  • – Design systems
  • – iOS + Android applications
  • – Prototyping and optimization


  • – Identity and positioning development
  • – Key visual and art direction
  • – Product and packaging design
  • – Brand Messaging
  • – Brandbook 
  • – Campaign/product development

Promo materials

  • – Content strategy
  • – Photography
  • – Video production
  • – 3D / Motion Graphics
  • – Copyright

Analysis and Strategy

  • – Digital marketing strategy
  • – Website, programare, e-commerce
  • – Consumers and trends information
  • – Vision and mission development
  • – Market analysis and planning

Servers and security

  • – Creating servers and data centers
  • – Technical architecture
  • – Integral development
  • – CMS and CRM implementation
  • – Quality assurance
  • – Interactive prototyping
  • – Data security

How do we work?

We listen what are you telling about the purpose and priorities of the project. We analyze the business and the competition. We are looking for points of differentiation. We create strategy, identity and promotion.

Purple education

Digital is about the Share button. We choose to share marketing knowledge, in which we tell what and how we do to promote our customers in the most efficient way. Choose the subject, day and time. We take care of the rest of the details.

Google Ads

6 lessons x 2 hours and 30 minutes

80% practical course for all those who want to set up, analyze and optimize Google Ads campaigns on their own. After 6 hours of course, you will know what the types of Google Ads campaigns are, how to set up metrics in Analytics and other details that sound complicated, but which you will learn on the go, with our help. Entrepreneurs, Marketing Specialists, Freelancers – the intensive Google Ads course is created for you.



How much does it costs?

125 Euro early bird 175 Euro

Graphic Design

12 lessons x 2 hours and 30 minutes, 4 mentors

Face Adobe Photoshop without fear during the design course, where you will learn, from 4 Purple specialists, everything that means design on Digital: from the design profession and the aesthetic sense – to the use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, working with fonts and text, color correction, photo editing and design trends. The course is dedicated to entrepreneurs, designers, novice photographers and freelancers who want more practice.



How much does it costs?

175 Euro early bird 250 Euro

We are Purple

We do Digital Marketing based on a lot of taste and energy. We sell ideas, products and services in your own style, keeping the personality of your brand, following the KPIs and objectives you want to get. We go to them together, analyze results, think and improve.